Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Night...time to use of the greens~

Ahhhh, it's time to finish up the veggies and make room for the bounty we pick up tomorrow! I'm having a great time with our new membership at Trillium Haven Farm in Jenison. I'm hoping to get the kid to go with me and and do some weeding, too. We also pick up a flat of organic cherries (yum!) from Artisan Farms. I used two recipes I learned from the "Greens 101" class I took last Saturday. I made the greens-infused hummus and Quinoa salad substituting sun-dried tomatoes for fresh. It was DELICIOUS! For $25 we spent 3+ hours watching Chef Amy create 10 dishes using the tasty greens we've been getting from the farm. We can only eat so much salad~! Since I can't get my card out of my camera, I'll have to post them later~

YEAH MARNIE! She lent me her camera cord so I could download the photos!

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