Monday, June 28, 2010

myfriendkathleen...everyone should have one~

So I was trying to "google" my way to my new blog and here's what I found:
"Results 1-10 of about 14,200,000 for my friend kathleen."

So, I guess almost EVERYONE has a friend kathleen! :) There were you tube videos, prayer requests, humorous stories and anecdotes. I received my moniker from "my friend Judy" who frequently referred to me as "my friend kathleen" to her family. The name stuck and when it came time to update my email address it was one of the only ones available. Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away I created klahart-cm4me. It was a bit difficult to remember, but I was simply trying to be clever. Creative Memories 4 me seemed like a fun tag to add to my initials. I didn't think about clients having to differentiate the hyphen "-" from an underscore "_" or that because I use my middle initials it make it harder to remember. SOOooo when it came time to switch: the simpler the better! Now I get smiles when I give out my email address. I guess everybody wants a friend kathleen!

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