Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FARM DAY! July 15, 2010

From the top: A bag of mixed salad greens, beautiful Kale, summer squash, zuchinni, fennel bulb, swiss chard, parsley, mixed carrots and green onions.

I bought some fresh shallots (they're all the rage, but I don't know what to do with them yet), a different kind of Kale (beautiful!), than my friend Marnie gave me some DELICIOUS Michigan blueberries and her son, Ben, gave us some cherry tomatoes and peppers he grew in his OWN garden! WOO HOO! Way to go BEN!!

So, because David's been gone on a business trip I haven't been whipping up the veggies like I should be. It's more fun when someone appreciates them! K & K appreciate the occasional smoothie and the multi-colored carrots, but not some of my more "eccentric" dishes. As a result, We didn't consume all of last week's bounty! On the left you can see a beautiful Kale leaf in all its glory! One the right, however, is a pathetic yellow thing that sat too long in my fridge! I'll probably still use them both! ;)

So shallots are supposedly the big thing. They're pretty pricey in the store and lots and lots of recipes call for them, but I just usually ended up substituting green onion. They certainly are gorgeous! The smell heavenly, too!

We went to the $3 showing of Eclipse this last Sunday and took along some Hummus w/Greens and pita chips. They were a big hit! We had been planning on making Naan bread pizzas for dinner when Kyle asked for a layer of that "good green stuff" on his pizza. I didn't have any made up so I used almost the whole bag of salad greens and the tops off of one of the fennel bulbs. It was delicious! The recipe is on my RECIPES!~ tab.

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