Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blackberry Pie! OH MY!!

We have these "volunteer" blackberry canes next to our house. We've gotten a couple of handfuls in past years, but I haven't really done anything to them THIS year, when the cable guy came to check the connections I noticed they were REALLY full of blooms. So I gave it a couple of weeks and harvested a colander full of DELICIOUS, JUICY blackberries!

Since we also received the organic strawberries from Artisian Farms I add a few of those, too.

The strawberries were so tiny and sweet. I tried some on the way home, they immediately reminded me of the berries I picked as a little girl in our family garden. I could be found sneaking around, nibbling through the rows. I can remember one time, just as I finished tasting my way through the garden and went inside the house only to have my mom ask me to go get the ripe berries. OOOPS! I picked a few green ones, and had to take her to the garden to show here there were no other red ones. I think she saw the berry juice stains on my fingers! :)

I made the pie crust with organic whole wheat flour, and organic sugar and organic lemon juice (it breaks up the gluten and gives a flakier crust). It bubbled over and was SO JUICY that we needed some homemade ice cream to help it "stay together."

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