Thursday, June 9, 2011

Week 1: Back to the Farm!

It was a beautiful, sunny day and after school I trekked to Trillium Haven CSA to make the first pick up of the season. Seeing friends and experiencing the sheer beauty of the environment soothed my soul. It's been almost three weeks since I lost my mom. She had been battling cancer for eight years and although she had many reprieves (3 years, then almost 2 years then finally just 6 months cancer free) she was weary of the treatments and their many dreadful side effects. You can see her story at then search BonnieArney (one word). Last year while she fought so valiantly I would call her from the farm every week. It was so peaceful there I felt like I could really put the outside world on hold and connect with her. She had a flower garden then later a produce garden when we were growing up. I, of course, didn't appreciate it like I should have. I saw hours of weeding instead of weeks of miracles! I enjoyed telling her about the current harvest, describing  the plants and critters I saw. I know I'm going to miss her dreadfully this season, especially, but I'm focusing on the beauty and the fellowship to get me through.

The first week brought more choices and a greater abundance than I expected! We have 1 bunch of radishes, 1 bunch of green onions (or chives), one bunch Bok Choy, two bunches of delicious, buttery lettuce, a bunch of Friese, a pound of spinach and up to 1 1/2 pounds of greens! I also purchased a very interesting cookbook called: The Cleaner Plate Club: Over 100 Recipes Your Kids Will Love! My kids are already boycotting THAT book! HAH!
A fun addition this year, was a spiral bound calendar of events from Trillium. It outlines pick up dates and cooking demos as well as the classes in which I LOVE to participate! I ran out of time and energy to clean, and store all the goodies tonight. I did, however, pick up some of the special produce bags from Meijer. I couldn't find the "Debbie" green bags anywhere, but finally, by the other food storage bags, I found a set from Brawny: Produce Protector Reusable Bags. 5 large and 5 medium. They're not green, but pink, and hopefully they will work as well as the "Seen On TV" bags. I'll keep you posted!

Only one more day of school and our summer schedule begins, and this beautiful combination of God's bounty is a GREAT way to start~

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